September 23, 2008

So why not own a building?

So I finally gave in and read The Secret. No - actually I listened to the DVD version Hubby is so fanatic about. He's the voluntary endorser of The Secret. He lives by it. So after days and days of listening to it in the car, over and over again, I finally decided to hear it out.

I guess that when you think about it, the "law of attraction" is not that unlogical. It actually makes sense. But I'm rather curious to find out whether visualizing a parking space will actually win me a spot in the overly crowded parking lot at PIM2. Or whether directing my thoughts on my dream house will actually land me an estate on the most prime area of Jakarta closest to the shopping mall.

Or just thinking about it out loud will actually get me one of these.

This is the Sampoerna Strategic Square, located on Sudirman. A beautiful building that conveys strength, security, and success - at least in my opinion anyway. I hope to have an office in one of these buildings. No, I want to own one of these buildings.

So, there it is. My visualisation of what I want. Just like what it said in The Secret.

I will let you know how this "law of attraction" thing works out. Wish me luck.

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