September 26, 2008

Calling Detective Conan

The weirdest thing happened this morning!

Hubby B and I were going off to the office. I was already waiting in the car with Baby M when Hubby B called me back inside to find his laptop bag. I can't recall if we even took the bag down down last night when we got in because I was dead tired, and had fallen asleep almost immediately the moment we got inside. But Hubby B remembered that he had taken the bag, which was lying down on the floor next to the living room sofa, back inside the room. He remembered placing the bag down in front our room TV.

It wasn't there this morning though.

So began the hunt for the missing laptop bag - Hubby B's prized possession, life-thread, treasure and crucial database.

We looked all over: the living room, our room, our walk-in closet, the bathroom (?), the garage, all of downstairs. Then I thought, hey, maybe it can be upstairs, which was a bit strange as we don't usually go upstairs unless completely necessary. But Hubby B's study is upstairs, so maybe... But it wasn't there. Just for the sake of it, I looked in the guest bedroom. And there it was! In the guest bedroom. I thought WTF??? How did it get there? And even more mindblowing: the laptop, the bag, the charger, the USB cords, and Hubby B's foreign currency envelope were all laid down nicely and tidily on the bed. Even more WTF????? Thinker, huh?

I called Hubby B to come up and look. Of course, first thing he checked was his money envelope that he's been meaning to take to the bank. GONE! All of the money! Except for one 50E note! Hmmm, whoever took it must have thought it was Monopoly Money.

But seriously, WTF????? How could someone have taken the money, leave the most valuable note of them all behind, didn't take the laptop, or anything else? My first instict was to go check all the door and windows: no signs of forced entry. Then I went to check my bags and jewelries: all was in tact. Nothing was missing. Even the cash inside my wallet. Seriously, it was just the foreign cash. And the weird state in which the culprit left it.

There was nobody in the house. All have went home for the Hari Raya. Except Baby M's nanny. So, in the spirit of the great Detective Conan, I've narrowed it down to the following suspects:

1. Baby M's nanny (mental note to self: keep close watch over her)
2. or Hubby B / Myself have been sleep walking.

But I'm sure that even though in our subconsciousness, we would never be THAT tidy as to lay down all the cords freakily neat!

And besides, what kind of stupid burglar would take only the money (which was not very much, by the way) and leave the rest behind. If he/she did go into our room, why didn't he/she take the cash that's in my bag (which was right next to Hubby B's laptop bag)?

Then again, if he/she did go in our room, walked freely in and out... SHIT! I'm just glad we're all ok! (see, at least something to be grateful about in the midst of panic!)

Seriously, I'm bolting all doors and windows tonight. And I'm gonna do some private detective work to see if Baby M's nanny is up to something. Seriously, the weirdest thing!

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