September 26, 2008

Calling Detective Conan

The weirdest thing happened this morning!

Hubby B and I were going off to the office. I was already waiting in the car with Baby M when Hubby B called me back inside to find his laptop bag. I can't recall if we even took the bag down down last night when we got in because I was dead tired, and had fallen asleep almost immediately the moment we got inside. But Hubby B remembered that he had taken the bag, which was lying down on the floor next to the living room sofa, back inside the room. He remembered placing the bag down in front our room TV.

It wasn't there this morning though.

So began the hunt for the missing laptop bag - Hubby B's prized possession, life-thread, treasure and crucial database.

We looked all over: the living room, our room, our walk-in closet, the bathroom (?), the garage, all of downstairs. Then I thought, hey, maybe it can be upstairs, which was a bit strange as we don't usually go upstairs unless completely necessary. But Hubby B's study is upstairs, so maybe... But it wasn't there. Just for the sake of it, I looked in the guest bedroom. And there it was! In the guest bedroom. I thought WTF??? How did it get there? And even more mindblowing: the laptop, the bag, the charger, the USB cords, and Hubby B's foreign currency envelope were all laid down nicely and tidily on the bed. Even more WTF????? Thinker, huh?

I called Hubby B to come up and look. Of course, first thing he checked was his money envelope that he's been meaning to take to the bank. GONE! All of the money! Except for one 50E note! Hmmm, whoever took it must have thought it was Monopoly Money.

But seriously, WTF????? How could someone have taken the money, leave the most valuable note of them all behind, didn't take the laptop, or anything else? My first instict was to go check all the door and windows: no signs of forced entry. Then I went to check my bags and jewelries: all was in tact. Nothing was missing. Even the cash inside my wallet. Seriously, it was just the foreign cash. And the weird state in which the culprit left it.

There was nobody in the house. All have went home for the Hari Raya. Except Baby M's nanny. So, in the spirit of the great Detective Conan, I've narrowed it down to the following suspects:

1. Baby M's nanny (mental note to self: keep close watch over her)
2. or Hubby B / Myself have been sleep walking.

But I'm sure that even though in our subconsciousness, we would never be THAT tidy as to lay down all the cords freakily neat!

And besides, what kind of stupid burglar would take only the money (which was not very much, by the way) and leave the rest behind. If he/she did go into our room, why didn't he/she take the cash that's in my bag (which was right next to Hubby B's laptop bag)?

Then again, if he/she did go in our room, walked freely in and out... SHIT! I'm just glad we're all ok! (see, at least something to be grateful about in the midst of panic!)

Seriously, I'm bolting all doors and windows tonight. And I'm gonna do some private detective work to see if Baby M's nanny is up to something. Seriously, the weirdest thing!

September 25, 2008

Denken aan je, Rotterdam

I remember it as if it were just yesterday. The colour of the sky, the strong wind, the cold air, the smell of rain, the wet sidewalks. I didn't realize that the things that annoyed me the most in all of my 5 years there, were the things that I would miss the most.

I woke up missing Holland. I miss touching down on Schiphol airport to be greeted by the clean open space. I miss seeing a few daklozen napping on the benches. I miss the cold air that brushes against my face as I head out.

Schiphol airport

I remember Rotterdam, the town where I lived in for 3 years. I think I grew up in that city. I found who I was there. It's Rotterdam who made me who and what I am today. I love the city. Modern with a classical feel. Quiet with a wild side. Friendly and just plain fun, filled with friends who have in time became my heart and soul.

I miss walking to and from Rotterdam Centraal. I miss hopping in and out the NS Trains and Metros. I miss buying strippenkaarten, which I keep losing. I miss standing in the packed filled bus with coffee verkeerd.

Rotterdam Beurs Station

I miss sleeping in on Saturday morning, and getting ready for lunch in the city. I miss that little Unox Soep place in de stad. I miss erwtensoep in the cold weather. I miss cruising down the Koopgoot. I miss stopping in each and every store, feeling excited as if I've never been in any of them before. I miss Expo and the unique gifts they carry. I miss H&M esp. its accessories section. I miss Hema and their yummy rookworst. I miss de Bijenkorf and its elegance. I miss brunch at V&D. I miss seeing familiar faces and hearing familiar Indonesian voices amongst the crowd. I miss Rotterdam Beurs.

Rotterdam Beurs, Koopgoot

I miss Rotterdam by night. I miss the sweet smell of the evening wind. I miss Pathe Schowburg, de Doelen, and that place across of it which name I suddenly can't recall. I miss Grand Palace and their bamie met gemengde vlees. I miss going there knowing that they will always give an unlimited supply of drinks for students on a budget. I miss being taken to Prachtig to see the beautiful bridge, where I always end up being amazed by their three-layer coffee-verkeerd rather than the bridge itself. I miss the snow and the hagel that rips straight through my really cheap flip umbrella. I miss patat speciaal, broodje mexicano, stampot met zuurkool, appelbollen, and amandelkoekjes.

Rotterdam Centraal Station

I don't know if I'm really missing Nederland, or even Rotterdam, but I think it's more about missing what I had when I was in it - a carefree life. The beauty of it all is just a bonus.

But I believe that I will be there again someday, even if just to feel the cold air and walk on the wet sidewalks. Just to reminisce, briefly.

Not today, though. Now I have to get my head out of the clouds and get back to work.

Dank je, Nederland, voor alles wat ik had toen ik daar was. Ik ben zeker dat ik je nog zou ontmoeten. Tot ziens.

September 24, 2008


I feel exhausted today. I so look forward to curling up with Gossip Girl tonite.

September 23, 2008

Raise your hands if you're in love with Barney.

"Barney is a dinosaur from our imagination. And when he's tall, he's what we call a dinosaur sensation..."

Barney has officially taken over my life. He's constantly on my tv and in my car. He's there when I wake up, he's there when I eat, when I come home, and when I go to bed. He's even there at my in-laws place on Saturdays and Sundays. There's just no way to escape Barney and his friends, BJ and Baby Bop.

This is all because Baby M is so truly, madly, deeply in love with Barney. She's now capable of finding Barney, and asking for him when he's not around. She's even capable of missing him after absence as short as a day. She feels peaceful just listening to the chiming of "I love you, you love me, we're a happy family...".

This was taken upon our arrival from a quick weekend getaway in Surabaya. She hadn't seen Barney for about 60 hours. Just as she saw the small screen TV in our Serena, she just had to meet him again. She obviously missed him so. And no one, and I mean NO ONE, can come between her and her Barney.

But as sick as I am with the whole new modern version of Yankee Doodle, her beaming smile kinda makes up for it all. At least it's just a dinosaur from her imagination, just a dinosaur sensation, and not some boy, or even another mom.

I've got something to be thankful for.

So why not own a building?

So I finally gave in and read The Secret. No - actually I listened to the DVD version Hubby is so fanatic about. He's the voluntary endorser of The Secret. He lives by it. So after days and days of listening to it in the car, over and over again, I finally decided to hear it out.

I guess that when you think about it, the "law of attraction" is not that unlogical. It actually makes sense. But I'm rather curious to find out whether visualizing a parking space will actually win me a spot in the overly crowded parking lot at PIM2. Or whether directing my thoughts on my dream house will actually land me an estate on the most prime area of Jakarta closest to the shopping mall.

Or just thinking about it out loud will actually get me one of these.

This is the Sampoerna Strategic Square, located on Sudirman. A beautiful building that conveys strength, security, and success - at least in my opinion anyway. I hope to have an office in one of these buildings. No, I want to own one of these buildings.

So, there it is. My visualisation of what I want. Just like what it said in The Secret.

I will let you know how this "law of attraction" thing works out. Wish me luck.

September 11, 2008

My thoughts this morning.

I think...

...that driving in Jakarta really brings out the worst in people. Those who never swear, will surely swear on the road.

...that being faced with deadlines pumps up my adrenaline so much that I start walking (and working) faster. Does this mean that I need more deadlines?

...Shepherd's pie have no news-worthy story for Christmas. Now, how am I going to write this new menu up?

...that my pink suede shoes are too much for my pink pucci-printlike knit top.

...that only thinking and blogging about my thoughts this morning are really not going to push my deadlines any further. Gotta get back to work!