August 29, 2008

Mother Lion

Kid fell off the bed again this morning. This is the 4th time. It wasn't as bad as when she fell down about 5 days ago with a huge thump. This time, it was just her cry that was super loud. I can feel my instincts become sharper. This time I actually broke her fall a little bit with my leg. Half-a-sleep at 3am leg...! Not bad. And while I was looking for damages, I found 2 huge mosquito bites. I'm sure somewhere, there's a tiny little mosquito who just died of greed.

This has gotten way out of hand. I felt so helpless. Yeah, ok, maybe the mosquito bite is inevitable in this hot humid tropical climate, but I mean, what kind of mother allows her kid to roll off her bed on a regular basis? It wasn't as if I had wanted her to do some super stunts, but she's so active it's too hard to control.

When I'm not asleep, I'm usually very protective of her. I let her do her own things, and I ward off people who disapproves. I'm always behind her whenever she starts standing up or when she's trying to force open drawers (yes, she's that strong!), so that her tiny little fingers don't get caught.

But I guess that I have to accept that I too am a human being, who has limits. I can't always protect her from those greedy little mosquitos, or whatever is in the sun or the winds. But I can take preventive measures.

From now on - more insect repellers, mosquitos nets, and always sleeping in her own Graco!

The Mother Lion has spoken.

August 28, 2008


I'm too full. Again. Same old story.

I have absolutely no self-control.

Note to self: Must not have dinner tonite.

August 27, 2008

Need to vent like a child

Dear (so-called friend),

Look, I usually don't like to pick who my friends are. Usually I can tolerate almost anyone. I don't usually complain when my friends come to me and vent about the same subject over and over again, with no conclusion. I don't really mind when they ask me for my opinion and outcast it as if I didn't think about what I wanted to say. I don't usually care when people like to follow my every step in what I want to do for myself or for my family. In fact, it makes me feel kind of special that I can be somewhat of a role model in my friend's life, even if they did tell me what a stupid idea it is at first. I don't usually mind when people steal my ideas and take credit for it. And I don't usually take seriously the constant criticism and the sarcastic comments about what I have, what I do, or what I am, but this has got to STOP!

I'm sorry that your mansion is too small for you. I'm sorry that your filthy rich in-laws never shower you with diamonds. I'm sorry that your husband won't take you around the world, or buy you a million dollar designer bag. I'm sorry that your husband does not get the respect that he deserves. 'm sorry that you feel deprieved of the fake idea of a life that you dreamed of. I'm sorry that all these things make you unhappy.

But here's a tip. Life is more than just money. Life is a lot of hard work. And you're not going to make it any better by complaining about it everyday. Do something, get a job, get a life!

I am done with your abuse and your negative energy that's sucking the life out of me. I am done playing along just so I don't hurt your feelings. I'm done pretending that there is nothing wrong with you. Because clearly, there is.

But despite of all this, I would like to thank you - for making me feel grateful for my life, for the blessings that I receive everyday, and for making me see that what I have is more than I need.

I pray that you will find your way soon.

With kind regards,

(your friend)

10 Karakter Unik Konsumen Indonesia

  1. Memiliki memori jangka pendek, maunya mendapatkan produk yang paling menguntungkan dan bisa digapai saat ini. Misalnya, memilih makanan yang enak daripada yang sehat, memilih obat yang cespleng daripada yang aman, dan lebih suka menegak minuman penambah tenaga daripada mengonsumsi vitamin.
  2. Tidak memiliki perencanaan
  3. Suka berkumpul
  4. Umumnya gagap teknologi
  5. Mengutamakan konteks bukan isi
  6. Suka buatan luar negeri, yang dipicu dengan rendahnya nasionalisme dan kualitas produk lokal
  7. Beragama dan suka supranatural
  8. Suka pamer dan gensi yang dipicu oleh budaya feodal dan percaya diri yang rendah
  9. Kekuatan subculture
  10. Rendahnya kesadaran terhadap lingkungan.

(Dari artikel "Tak mudah menaklukkan lidah orang Indonesia" oleh Linda Silitonga di Bisnis Indonesia)

August 25, 2008

Quote of the Day

"ooooh, TAPE! My favorite" - international fashion and trend forecaster.

location: Pecel Pincuk Godong Ijo

I feel sick!

Not feeling too well today. Could it be the Monday blues?

But have too many things to do today... including finding out how to post photos on Multiply.

Like I said ... busy day!

August 22, 2008

A Birthday Greeting

A text message from an old friend:

Old Friend (OF): Pagi ibu Maya, met ultah ya? All the best wishes. GBU

Me: Thanks (OF)... Diingatkan FaceBook kah?

OF: Hehe, maunya nyari alesan lain tapi ga ada, hehe. Betul skali... :)

Me: I thought so..

Lesson learned: the incredible development in technology has enabled people to make their friends feel special.

August 21, 2008

Ummm, patriotism?

I've never had much of patriotism, or nationalism, or whatever feeling the American people have on the 4th of July. Celebrating independence here, for me, is basically just another public holiday. Come the 17th of August, i think: Woo-hooo! Sleep in, and off to malls... no traffic jam! But that's now. Back in high school, it was more like: damn! I can't even enjoy a public holiday because of the flag ceremony at school. It was torture. A whole hour of STANDING in the blazing sun. Sweat, and fainting spells. Not pretty.

That's basically it... celebrating independence.

Just a few days before our 63rd year of independence, I was saying to my husband about how this country gets all excited about celebrating their independence. Just for one day they appreciate the very existence of this nation. No complaints, no trash-talking the government. Only fun and games. Red and white flags everywhere. And I wanted absolutely no part of that kind of hypocracy.

But this year, it was different. This year I heard this song:

Indonesia tanah air beta
Pusaka abadi nan jaya
Indonesia sejak dulu kala
Slalu dipuja-puja bangsa

Disana tempat lahir beta
Dibuai dibesarkan Bunda
Tempat berlindung di hari tua
Sampai akhir menutup mata

I cried endlessly. The emotion just rushed through me like an express train. And it hit me... I never appreciated my country at all. I kept thinking that I don't have to do anything for this country because it's never done anything for me. But this country allowed me to live here. And that's a big thing.

I know I didn't choose to be born here. And no matter where I went, I always came back here. I believe I'm meant to do something great here.

So, thank you Indonesia, for the ground that I step on, for the air that I breathe, for whatever greens that is left, and for the richness that I have yet to discover.