July 28, 2008

Act fast!

So, I was basically just doing my regular browsing (and obviously not working) when it hit me that my kid is almost ONE YEAR OLD! What a milestone, huh? But you know what, I can think of a thing or two that haven't really changed during that time:

1. I'm still completely obsessed and constantly complaining about my weight.
2. I still say that all this is "baby weight" - as if I just gave birth yesterday.
3. I still wonder about how people actually got their weight back to its rightful state as if they never carried an actual person in their bellies for 9 months
4. I still expect people to understand me when I'm being emotional as if I have moodswings through an overdose of hormones
5. And, I still slack off on my work as if I'm about to go on maternity leave any second now.

Ok - that's more than a thing or two.

A year has flown by. And somehow I missed it all. It was as if I was comatose for the past year and forgot to realize that I'm not the same person I used to be. Pregnant or not. Baby weight or no baby weight. I need to act fast. I gotta stop living in the past and start doing something to change the things that I dislike.

But I'm glad to say that I've realized some things still remains the same:
1. My husband is still as attentive as he was when I was carrying his kid, possibly even more.
2. My baby is still the cutest thing I've ever seen, although she's growing much faster than I would like her to.
3. My workplace is still filled with the most inspiring people. Business is growing at warp speed and I'm learning new things everyday as though I was fresh out of college.
4. My friendship with those near me is still amazing. Married or not. Kid or no kid. The connection is still there.
5. And my family is still as happy as we were when the kid arrived!

No, better.. We're much happier now. So, I wonder.. What is this feeling? What's stopping me from living my life to the fullest?

July 15, 2008


Envy is the art of counting the other fellow's blessings instead of your own. ~Harold Coffin

Something I've just noticed. As human beings, people are envious of another. No matter how greatly fortunate the person is. The only difference would probably be on the level or amount of envy. Some are envious of a lot more things than others.

Now that I think of it, yes - I would say that am envious of many things. I think I get a little twinge or pang everytime I think of those whose weight just miraculously shedded after giving weight to a quarter-pounder of a baby, or of those who can wear almost anything and look incredibly gorgeous. Or of those who gets to spend every waking hour of everyday with their little one and not feel at all bored. Or those who earns an unbelievably large salary.

But I turned only one way without looking at the other. I guess people might envy a working mother who can fluently handle her baby at anytime without fail. Or wife who works with her husband, enjoying every privilege without judgement. Or a small group of people to call real friends. Or one who is truly blessed with a good kid and a loving husband. No pressure. No loneliness. Confidence. Bright and shiny.

Life is a trade-off. You gotta learn to count your blessings. Get the right attitude.

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